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The difficulty in raising your child
may be due to
‘‘attachment instability’’.

Nowadays, the number of infants and children who have unique ‘‘difficult to raise'' is increasing.Although there is nothing seriously wrong with the way parents raise their children, there are many problems of behavior (tantrums, selfishness, restlessness, difficulty understanding children's feelings, etc.). So, parents are exhausted.

Usually, most of the troublesome behaviors of children are expressions of childish personality. Therefore, as children develop their rationality with age, they naturally become calmer. However,if the cause is ‘‘attachment instability,'' problem behaviors will increase one after another. This is because the ‘‘normal way of raising''is not accepted for such children. On the contrary, the way becomes counterproductive.

Attachment is the psychological bond that infants connected with a specific caregiver in order to feel safe and secure.Attachment is the basis of the parent-child relationship and growth, so if there is a ‘‘attachment instability,'' the parent-child relationship becomes strained and growth is hindered.

‘‘Attachment instability" is different from a developmental disorder.This is a ‘‘psychological tendency'' that children are born with, and can be improved.However, many parents suffer because they believe that it is due to the way they were raised or that their child may have a developmental disorder.

Many children with developmental disabilities also have ‘‘attachment instability.'' In such children, when the ‘‘attachment instability'' is eliminated, problem behaviors (hyperactivity, strange voices, self-harm, harm to others, panic, obsession) that were thought to be due to developmental disorders will decrease.

I work on improving infants and children with ‘‘attachment instability’’ at a private counseling agency in Japan (Chiba Prefecture) for 30 years.When the ‘‘attachment instability'' is eliminated, the child's cute behavior will increase. It becomes easier to understand the child's feelings, and it also becomes easier for the parents to convey their feelings. Even if parents don't work hard, their childrenwill grow more, and their stress will be reduced. To achieve this, early detection and early improvement are important.

This website provides detailed information on basic knowledge regarding "attachment instability." Parents who are having trouble raising their children will surely find a way to improve it.

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